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What is Rogue'n Roll ?

Rogue'n Roll is a fast paced roguelike top-down shooter.
On each floor you have to survive the waves of enemies and beat the boss to access the next floor.
Death is permanent, and you'll have to restart from the first floor if your not careful enough.
Each floor is proceduraly generated and contains random powerups, weapons and enemies.
While the game become harder as you progress, you also get better weapons and stack various powerups for deadly combos !

Like other roguelikes, Rogue'n Roll requires a part of luck and knowledge. To see the end of the game, you will need to die several times until you get good items and know the choices and strategies to apply.

When you die, your work is not useless. By killing monsters you earn experience allowing you to level up your account. On each level up you earn 3 random weapons or powerups that will be available on your next runs.

Upcoming changes on the game

My next main goals are :

  • add content (monsters, weapons powerups)
  • add decorations on environement
  • improve feedback for player (ie. when the player get hit)
  • add more sounds and music
  • a lot of polish (ie. custom cursor, revamp UI, better animations and models)

The game is also on Steam ! It has some extra features like achievements or trading cards. Click here to view the store page.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Version 11


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SERIOUSLY, I don't like killing spiders bruh but I get the spider boss almost every time LOL. The game is slightly easier to play this time around.

Ahah, i'm sorry for you xD

I know there is not a lot of bosses at the moment. I'm currently working on a complete UI rework.

Once it's done i plan to make the levels more pretty by adding some new decorations.

Then, i will add more gameplay content, including new bosses.

So Spycho, what can I look forward to in the new update?

  • Music
  • lower spawn rate on early levels
  • higher spawn rate on late levels
  • smaller floors
  • way faster level up
  • more accurate weapons
  • and other minor things

Next updates will bring more content.

At the moment i'm trying to balance the game and make it more enjoyable.

I shall enjoy learning the new techniques ^-^

As always, keep up the good work!

Deleted post

I did not understood a word, but nice video, thanks for showing the game :D

I've been looking for the button to go into first person, where is it?

It's a powerup, press space once you got it.

(it also possible to do it with numpad0 for testing, but it will be removed later :p)

In case you were wondering exactly which powerup, it's the Doomguy powerup. You need to get a few kills (unsure of the exact number, but I'd take a guess at 10-15) and then hit space to activate it, which puts you into first person. However, i have noticed a small bit of extra lag when you do it, which I imagine is simply because Unity has to render more shapes and in more detail than normal. So just be cautious of that. You can also come out of first person by filling up the powerup again and hitting space again ^-^

Indeed, the game may be laggy in first person, because it had to render the whole map.

It's not the priority to optimize it at the moment, but i will look for this later. By reducing the view distance with fog, it should be much better !

I'm looking for help as to how I add the save to the game, as I am stumped as of where to put it.

I have seen the post Derpius made, but the AppData folder doesn't seem to exist.

Any help would be appreciated :3

It's an hidden folder i believe. Look how to show hidden folder on your current version of Windows.

You also can open the folder by pressing "Windows + R", then type "%appdata%" and press enter. This will open a folder called "roaming" which is inside %appdata%

Spychopat, I was wondering if there was a way I could unlock all of the weapons and powerups quickly, because I've been playing for a solid 8-12 hours, and am level 13. The thing is, most of my rolls on the slot gives duplicates, so I'm stuck at pretty much a standstill, with only 3 extra powerups unlocked, and 6 extra guns. I really enjoy the game, so If you could point me in the direction of where to unlock them all at once in the code, it would be much appreciated ^-^. I voted for this on greenlight, so keep up the good work! Just, maybe make progression a BIT faster? Or more coins from duplicates and so on.

Yes, i know at the moment it's pretty slow to level up (straight 200 kills for a level).

I will probably lower the XP requirement in next update ( 2 or 3 time faster ?) and also make it quick XP for the first few levels.

At the moment, i uploaded a save file with 1,000,000 golds and 100,000 lottery slots. So you can unlock the things you want :D

Dowload the file on the itch.io game page and replace the one that is here :

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\DefaultCompany\Rogue'n Roll

Thanks for playing the game <3

Wow, thanks for that ^-^ I really do enjoy the game, and see that it has potential. Good luck with the development :D


Also, i do believe that it is a BIT more than 200 kills per level :P This was one run and i leveled up once. Also, AA12 with horseshoe and nail alone...op...then add double bullets and extra dmg xD

I may make a comprehensive list of current mobs, weapons, and powerups soon, just for me and anyone who'd be interested. It sounds like a fun project, and there are a few quirky items I'd like to point out :P Seriously though, I have probably put too much time into this game lol

Damn, there must be a problem with the XP algorithm. I did not really paid attention to this during my testing (i generally close the game before death when i test xD). Will be fixed soon :p

About the AA12 : yes, at the moment it's intended to be the best weapon. I love AA12 in Killing Floor 2 and wanted the same feeling in my game : shredding everything on the screen !! :p

But actually, you the same chance to find any weapon in the world (once you unlocked it).

How do you feel about it ? Should it stay like this, or best weapons should be rarer ? Or only on later levels ?

I do like the way it is, as it gives me the chance to try out different weapons at different points through it. I also found out the single best combo for killing bosses is the Double Bullets with Zat'Nik'Tel... I thought very poorly of it the first time I got it, because it has a pretty bad spread for it's fire rate and low damage per shot, until I realized that it froze enemies in place and one shot any frozen enemy...including bosses. So, with double bullets, if both shots hit the boss, it instantly dies, with only one bullet being consumed. Combine this with piercing bullets and you have a pretty potent weapon, but you can get quickly overwhelmed if you aren't careful or RNG screws you over with the spread lol.
Another thing: I believe the super shotgun could be made more... well, super if you made it have, say double the bullets per shot, with a slightly higher damage (say, 25-40%) and slower reload (maybe 33%)? Would make it more like the Doom one, which I assume was what you were going for....also, I enjoy the Doom references in the game itself ^-^ But, the only reason I even mentioned it, is because the supershotgun is a blue weapon, yet is obsolete in most cases to any common weapon.

Enough of me griping lol. I am really happy you are so active in your comments and actually take feedback, as well as talk about your own experiences with the game :DKeep it up, Spychopat ;)

what is the game engine?


What are the controls for the game?


WASD : move

leftclick : shoot

rightclick : grenade

spacebar : use active item

r : reload

You can see and edit controls from the launcher.


YOU a stranded soldier wandered afar from the platoon. Arriving at an unknown battlefield. Weapon at hand. You spot something, a thing a strange. A zombie ? No, a horde of rats ? What the Hell...

Hey !

Thanks for posting this !

Now i realize the game may be a bit confusing and hard for new players.

As the creator of the game i go through the first levels pretty easily, but i know exactly how game mechanics works and already have all weapons and upgrades unlocked.

I think i'll lower the spawn rate on early stages (so, the player have time to understand what's going on).